Our Services

Finally, free and low-cost tech
support to put more oomph
behind your superpowers.

Website Design & Management

We build and update fast, responsive, and secure websites. Our Website Care Plans include daily backups, security, link monitoring, uptime monitoring, as well as performance and optimization monitoring.

Team Training

Take control of your website with WordPress fundamentals. We promise you won't break your website when you update a page or add a new event. We also offer CiviCRM Administration training and Microsoft Office365.

Data Security & Server Support

Still on paper? Moving years of information from an old server to the cloud? We can help. Whether it's secure data collection, backup, or monitoring we speak the language.

TechUp 10 UP

TechUP 10 UP is where our relationship begins. At no cost to your nonprofit, TechUP Group serves as your one-on-one dedicated Tech Team for up to 10 hours (per issue). Whether you need help with pesky website challenges or require heavy mentoring to overcome complex problems, we’ve got you covered.

TechUP 10 UP Topics

Tech Workshops for Nonprofits
Coming Soon! TechUP Group is teaming up with Tampa Bay Area industry leaders to provide low-cost courses on tech tools such as:

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for TechUP 10 UP, organizations must meet all of the following criteria: