Our Mission:

TechUP Group empowers local non-profit organizations by assisting them with the digital resources and mission-critical technology necessary for their success. 

Positive Social
for generations

A Synergistic Approach To Service

The old adage, “It takes a village,” applies as strongly today as when first spoken. Every modern advancement has been made not because of one remarkable mind but because of the astounding teamwork of many.

TechUP connects local nonprofits to technology experts and resources that helps their organization run more efficiently so they can serve our community with full impact.

We offer a wide range of services for our clients.  

We Serve


We get it. We’re a nonprofit, too, and formed TechUP Group solely to support your purpose-driven mission.


We started as a couple of tech volunteers serving the nonprofit sector. It didn’t take long to see that the demand far outweighed our supply. TechUP Group provides an opportunity for IT professionals to transform the community with their expertise.

Business Professionals

Tampa Bay is home to many tech companies. TechUP Group collaborates with the area’s IT leaders that help shape the nonprofit community.

We Started

TechUP Group founders, Rick Myers and Shantell Smithson are a match made on the cloud, you could say. They met at a civic tech event hosted by AMROC, a beloved nonprofit STEM hub in Tampa.

The event paired  local nonprofits with IT professionals who could volunteer their expertise and help the organizations with their websites—frontend, backend, CRM. The whole shebang. Rick and Shantell were paired on their first project, Faces of Courage, and the rest is well, we could say history but TechUP has only just begun.

As such, TechUP continues to build our core volunteer team and grow our corporate partnerships in order to adequately provide the services Tampa Bay nonprofits need to create lasting, positive social change throughout the community.

We TechUP

Technology is often the most underfunded portion of any organization, especially a nonprofit.  TechUP Group identifies nonprofits’ needs and helps train their internal workforce and/or acts as a digital agency and provides low-cost tech solutions to the organization. By offering reduced costs on hardware, software, and support, as well as free technology coaching and organizational guidance, we are confident nonprofits will remain competitive.